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The Leibniz School of Education

Schaubild Organisation Leibniz School of Education

The Leibniz School of Education is an independent academic institution in accordance with the Constitution of Leibniz Universität Hannover. As an interfaculty entity, the Leibniz School of Education oversees the organisation of teacher training at Leibniz Universität Hannover and is the port of call for all teacher training students and the lecturers involved in teacher training. In cooperation with the faculties involved, the Leibniz School continually develops innovative and sustainable strategies focusing on the scientific and professional orientation of teacher training. 

The Leibniz School’s core activities include:

  • Needs-based refining of teacher training curricula in cooperation with the faculties

  • Development and implementation of interdisciplinary area specialisations

  • Initiation and promotion of interdisciplinary (teacher) education research and support for young scholars in this area

  • Provision of advice to the Presidential Board and the Senate on all content-related and conceptual issues related to teacher training

  • Provision of advice and support to teacher training students on organisational and interdisciplinary issues in their study programmes

  • Development of additional offers to improve orientation in the teaching sector

  • Organisation and execution of additional training and continuing education programmes for teachers

  • Execution of continuous quality assurance measures