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Are you interested in exchanging with people from other countries and cultural backgrounds in Hannover? Would you like to accompany an international student during his/her first steps in Hannover?

Thanks to your intercultural commitment, you will be well prepared for day-to-day teaching of heterogeneous groups of schoolchildren and the challenges of a globalised world.

Study Buddy

Become a Study Buddy for an international student and help him/her to feel welcome and to find his/her way in Hannover!

BIKO − Certificate for international and intercultural skills

Expand your international and intercultural skills by participating in an exciting programme, and receive a certificate for the knowledge gained: “BIKO offers intercultural experience, internationally oriented courses and international activities, as well as a commitment to supporting international students. BIKO certifies the international and intercultural skills students have gained during their studies at Leibniz Universität Hannover”.

More information:

Student orientation days: “Diversity in the Classroom – Diversity in the staff room!” Join in!

The aim of this project is to motivate young people with a migration background towards a teaching career and to provide detailed information about this profession to increase the proportion of teachers with a migration background in Lower Saxony.

Additional certification: “Certificate in Intercultural Pedagogics” (STUBE)

The Centre for Key Competences (ZfSK) offers seminars on diversity, diversity management and diversity education.