Projects of the Leibniz School of Education


The development proposal “Theoria cum praxi. Promotion of the reflective capacity to act as a Leibniz-Principle for Teacher Education”, or in short Leibniz-Prinzip, is funded in line with the collective Quality Offensive Teacher Education through resources of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research by the federal state and the country.

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Support for Refugees

With the project “LeibnizWorkshop” the Leibniz University Hannover primarily wants to enable as many university students as possible to provide language learning support for refugees. The measure of the LeibnizWorkshop additionally aims for a deep examination/analysis of the topic of forced migration.

The project is funded by the Lower-Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture. With the cooperation of numerous institutes, associations and organisations within and outside the Leibniz University Hannover, this project is being executed by the Leibniz School of Education and the German Department.

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In line with the study “REBIRTH active school”, a motion programme for schools studies which influences the motion programme has on the children’s health.

In addition, the faculties and the school administration of the involved schools are being interviewed throughout the study. The data of the development of their attitude towards the motion programme and concepts of active schools are being collected. For this accompanying research the excellence cluster REBIRTH cooperates with the Leibniz School of Education. The research activity is being conducted by the Institute for Didactics of Science (Institut für Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften).