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Experience abroad

Gezeichnete Weltkugel

Are you interested in doing your practical training abroad?

The Leibniz School of Education encourages teaching training students to spend time abroad. Staff will help you to find suitable practical training abroad.

Would you like to acquire practical teaching experience and gain insight into another educational and school system, and its learning culture? If so, practical training in a foreign school may be ideal for you. We look forward to advising you on practical training abroad.

Information about individual teacher training courses

According to the Lower Saxony Master’s Degree Regulations, it is also possible to go abroad in order to complete practical training for Teacher Training for Grammar Schools and for Technical Education during the Bachelor’s degree, as well as for the Master of Education. It is irrelevant whether the school where you complete your practical training is a German school abroad or a school of the foreign school system. Nevertheless, this requires, as with national practical training, prior attendance of the Preparatory Seminar and consultation with the lecturer involved.

If you are considering doing your practical training at a foreign school, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

 Internship platforms for practical training abroad

Programmes for practical training at schools abroad