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Information for Course Instructors

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You are interested in offering courses for advanced teacher training? You need assistance designing or conducting a workshop for teachers? Contact us in case you have any questions or submit your offer, if you already have a workshop planned.

Submit your offer

In case you already designed a concept for a potential teacher workshop, we can assist you putting it into practice.  Please review our step-by-step manual that guides you through the stages of planning and implementing a teacher workshop.

Access the online form to submit your concept for a potential workshop via the VeDaB-database

To ensure that uniplus receives your offer, please choose "Kompetenzzentrum Universität Hannover – Lehrerfortbildung” in the box "Veranstalter". If you have remarks regarding the organization of your workshop, please enter these in the box „Weitere Hinweise“. In case you may have already conducted a workshop in the past, please refer to the course no. assigned to that workshop.

Please provide the following information:

  • Title of workshop and short description
  • Your given name and surname
  • email address

An estimated budget for the workshop would be helpful, just as well as group size, and a specified date. We are also open to venue suggestions.